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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ateneo Sesquicentennial Stamps

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2009, June 14.  Ateneo de Manila, 150th Anniversary
Litho Offset.  Amstar Company, Inc.  Perf. 14.
Se-tenant Blocks of 4  (10 Blocks per sheet), Sheets of 40  (4 x10)

Se-tenant Blocks of Four  (34,000) 
   7p   Sesquicentennial logo
   7p   Blue Eagle
   7p   At. Ignatius de Loyola
   7p   Dr. Jose Rizal

Souvenir Sheets of Four  (7,000)
   7p   Blue Eagle
   7p   St. Ignatius de Loyola
   7p   Dr. Jose Rizal
   7p   Sesquicentennial logo

First Day Covers:  Manila

Official FDCs: 4 different designs, 12,200 issued
Official Souvenir Folders:  3,200 issued

Note:  Of the 12,200 FDC envelopes, 8,000 were sold to Ateneo with single stamps each (total of 2,000 sets of FDCs).  The remaining 4,200 FDC envelopes were affixed with a SB/4 of the stamps:  3,200 were put on Souvenir Folders, of which 3,000 were bought by Ateneo.

The Souvenir Folders contain a mint souvenir sheet and an FDC.